Project Description


Give that lawyer a personality!

The brief

Create clear and compelling web copy and a client-friendly mandate. Both must be easy to read and must reflect the culture of this firm. We wanted to show that Frederick, Rikus, and Anita work hard, but they have lives and interests outside of the firm. Working with them is a lot less transactional and a lot more relational; and they have great coffee.

What the client said

We sit in a town with no shortage of attorneys. Yet, we are surprised at how many people phone us proclaiming that they only want to work with us (absolute strangers), purely because of how they experienced our website. It is clear to our potential customers that it is not business as usual. The people who contact us need our services but do their best to avoid what they perceive to be ‘traditional lawyers’ (the ones all the jokes are about). Having a fresh approach makes us stand out in our market and it has played an instrumental role in our exceptional growth.

What we did

We know Frederick, Rikus, and Anita well, so it wasn’t hard to capture their personalities in their web copy. We knew we needed to portray them as approachable and (dare I say) fun, because that’s what they are. The website design shows their serious side because law is a serious profession, and they take their jobs very seriously, but the copy could show their human side. We used informal language, added pop culture references, and even rhyme to create little surprises to reward and delight the reader.

For the mandate, we spent some time with them weeding out the unnecessary clauses, understanding the intention behind every phrase, and settling on what was absolutely necessary. We worked on the structure together, and then added some personality. It was important to showcase their no bullsh*t culture – so clutter and flowery language wouldn’t do. It took some robust discussion to get rid of the ‘shall’, but we got there!

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