Project Description


The brief:
Create an infographic that summarises the application process for prospective students.

The challenge:

Applying for University can be a very stressful experience for young applicants. Many of them have never completed a form in their lives, let alone one that has such an impact on their futures. Besides completing an application form and submitting it on time, they also have to collect and submit a number of documents (on time!) and write the National Benchmark Test (on time). Keeping track of all the steps can be difficult.

Stellenbosch University’s Division for Student Access approached Hey Plain Jane about creating an infographic that would clearly identify and describe each step of the application process. Our biggest challenge was reducing all the information into something that is digestible, but still useful to the applicants.

The results:

With the help of Nudge Studio, we created a digital document that students can access online before they apply. We also created a printable version that the University can distribute at open days to students who perhaps don’t have access to the internet.

The Division for Student Access is also using the infographic in another format on Facebook.

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