Project Description

How to apply to Stellenbosch University

Designing a user-centric application guideline

In 2021, Stellenbosch University reported receiving over 40 000 newcomer applications per year and enrolling over 5 200 undergraduate students. That’s 40 000 submitted applications and probably thousands more views of the application system and documents.

We’ve been working with the University for many years – each year making incremental changes to their application resources to make it easier for students to apply and for parents and teachers to support them.

The brief

Create a downloadable guideline for applicants that explains the application process.

The challenge

Our challenge over the years has been to break the process into easy-to-follow steps and to choose what information applicants need at each point to help them progress to the next step. The ‘how to apply’ document is only one resource in a collection of application resources, including the online application system and a reference document that lists all the supporting documents an applicant must submit.

The process

Key to the project’s success is understanding the stakeholders’ needs. So, over the years, we’ve looked at the questions applicants frequently ask, things that applicants struggle with, things that may be surprising, and new resources we think will be helpful to them.

We work closely with the University team to ensure that the content is accurate and that the document is valuable and usable for all stakeholders.

The results

An easy-to-use guide that helps applicants understand the process and how to submit a complete application. It’s also a valuable resource that University staff can use as a reference document because it combines all the application process information into one handy guide.

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