Our story

Hey Plain Jane is an information design agency that helps companies achieve clarity in their communication. We create clear, innovative, and beautiful forms, terms and conditions, and policies to help these companies build trust and communicate with empathy.

What many companies see as an exercise in compliance is really an investment in the success of their business. Clear communication has the power to improve operations, enhance marketing, reduce customer complaints, and mitigate legal risk. Our founders are crusaders for clarity on every level.

The company was started in 2017 by Novation Consulting and Liezl van Zyl. We’re headquartered in Stellenbosch with an office in Cape Town’s foreshore. Hey Plain Jane has clients in financial services, artificial intelligence, higher education, and retail. We work with best in class designers, animators, and copy writers to simplify technical communication.

Our founders

The story of our founders begins as all good stories do … with a bonfire and a bus ride after a conference. Elizabeth de Stadler, director of Novation Consulting, and Liezl van Zyl thought it might be a good idea to start a company that specialises in plain language writing to support Novation’s legal and compliance services.

Liezl and Elizabeth have clarity in their DNA and their unique blend of legal and linguistic skills is what makes this partnership so dynamic.

Photo of Liezl van Zyl
Photo of Elizabeth de Stadler