Our services

When people ask us what we do, we have a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is simple. We do whatever it takes to turn complexity into clarity. We do it because we believe that clarity will change the relationship you have with your clients. It will build trust, reduce complaints and empower people to be active participants in the relationship.

Sounds good? Then you are ready for the long answer. Keep reading. Below we explain exactly how Hey Plain Jane can help your business.

“Our superpower is bringing clarity to the very complex conversations you are trying to have with your clients.”

Plain language writing

We might call it plain language writing, but there’s nothing “plain” about it. We create smart, sophisticated communication that strengthens your brand and turns your customers into fans.

Form design

We are passionate about designing forms, because we have seen the value it can add to a business. Name the form you need, we can design it. Do you want them to be POPIA compliant? No problem.


We offer: Plain language executive awareness training, Plain language writing courses and Legal design.


A clear message presented badly is not a clear message. Bad design acts like clutter, it makes it really difficult to see what is going on. We believe good design can help a reader understand a complex message better.


There is really only one way to know for sure whether your message will succeed. You have to test it with the audience. We use a variety of methodologies to test user responses to communication.

Don’t see the solution to your specific problem?